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                                                                                                                       Dr. Thomas B. McMillen
1395 New London Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920
 (401) 821-9222

Shelley, Office Manager
Shelley Lariviere is
our OfficeManager. She handles
the business end of things. Generally,
Shelley is available in the mornings to answer questions about the non-
medical areas of the practice. She has 2 cats, Isabella and Nefertiti, one dog,
Frankie, and two Bearded Dragons, Makuda, and Creeka. 

Office Manager Substitute

Jess Trabulsie  has been with us since
early 2007
and is now going to be
subbing when needed.  She is owned
by two dogs, Harley the Yorkie and
Ty the Italian Greyhound and two cats, Phineus and Echo.

Head Veterinary Technician

Holly Banno, our head technician has been with us since 2004. While Holly has affection for and exposure with all of our various patients, (owning several cats and the Golden Retriever Ares herself), her particular love is our larger canine friends. In addition to having excellent handling skills for our big, often rowdy patients, she often drops into the exam room to visit with and get slobbered on by some of her special canine buddies.

Holly is also primarily in charge of ordering supplies and managing inventory, so is  generally the technician to speak to about obtaining a specific medicine or prescription diet.


Lisette Dubin, Veterinary Technician,

the newest full time member of our staff, has been with us since June 2014 and has already proven herself to be an outstanding addition to our team. Lisette is a graduate of URI with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Science. She plans to further pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine, with a particular focus on equine medicine.



Senior Veterinary Technician

Jodie Weston, our senior technician, has been with us since early 2004, having been a client for many years previously. Jodie comes from an extensive background of retail customer service and her strongest asset is an excellent ability for dealing with the public. Jodie also excels in the fine art of handling our often anxious feline patients.

Rita, Veterinary Technician

Rita Borys has been with us in various capacities for over 16 years now. Rita has a degree in Veterinary Technology from Becker College and extensive ‘expertise in both veterinary and human medicine. She has a German Shepherd  named Cowboy and multiple cats.

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