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Vaccination Schedules -

Properly maintained vaccination protection is critical for your pet’s health. ‚Ä®Recommended vaccination schedules vary somewhat between Veterinary hospitals.

For Dogs, we have two ‘Core’ vaccines required for all of our patients, the ‘distemper’ vaccine (actually a combination vaccine for canine distemper, hepatitis, lepto, parvo virus and parainfluenza) and the ‘Rabies’ vaccine.


There are also two optional vaccines, Bordatella (for kennel cough) and The Lyme disease vaccine, which may or may not be given based on a particular animal’s needs.


After the initial ‘puppy’ series of vaccines, which vary based on age, we booster our distemper and rabies after one year. Thereafter, the distemper is boostered every three years and the Rabies, by state law, every two years.**

Bordatella and lyme are boostered annually. 


For Cats, we again have the two ‘core’ vaccines - feline distemper and Rabies, which are on the same schedule as the canine vaccines, and feline leukemia vaccine, an optional vaccine for cats that go outside or in large multi-cat households.


** As of April 15th, 2010, the state law has changed to a three year vaccine as long as the animal is up to date.


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